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Summer Camp

Registration Postponed Until January 28
All summer long, VillaSport offers a wide variety of exciting, educational and fun-filled Traditional and Specialty Camps for members and non-members. Traditional Camp hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm each day and camps include swimming, sports, games, and arts and crafts.

Each VillaSport camp has a minimum and maximum enrollment to ensure the best experience for all campers.  If any camp does not reach the minimum enrollment, VillaSport will contact the parents of enrolled campers with the option to transfer to another camp or to cancel and receive a full refund.


Each week will be full of fun, exploration, and entertainment! Bring your sense of adventure as we navigate through different environments and experience the world of wildlife. Your antics will include field trips, crazy crafts, wacky sports and games, and splashing away in VillaSport’s amazing pools. You’ll reconnect with old pals and make new friends along the way. Get ready for an action-packed summer!

Campers will receive a complimentary AnimalLand T-shirt.

Week 1: June 26 – 30
Jammin’ Jungle
There will be plenty of monkey business as we swing into the wild. Roar like a panther and slither like a snake as we venture through tangled vines in the vast jungle. We will make friends with the creatures of the rainforest and make some music along the way.

Features: Jungle Obstacle Course, Music Making

Week 2: July 3 – 7 (no camp July 4)
Funny Farm
Saddle up! It’s time to gallop around the barnyard with the horseshoe toss, chicken dance, and barnyard shenanigans! Lasso up some fun and laughs as we line dance, make colorful barnyard-inspired crafts and tell stories around the campfire. You’ll be jumping over hay bales to come back to camp each day! We have something in store for you as we close out this 4-day camp week.

Feature: Rodeo Clown
Field Trip: Oregon Gymnastics Academy

Week 3: July 10 – 14
Winged Wonders
Let your imagination soar as we take flight into a week of exploration and excitement! You’ll be feeling sky high with parachute games, eagle gliders, and our high-flying antics. Zoom, buzz, and flap as we learn about all species of winged beasts.

Features: Butterfly Release, Bouncy House
Field Trip: Bird Show at the Zoo

Week 4: July 17 – 21
Powerful Prehistoric
Stomp, chomp, and roar as we feel the power of this epic time. We will journey through the lost world and uncover prehistoric fossils and geologic treasures! Track saber-toothed tigers and complete mammoth challenges as we work together in a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Feature: Rock Tumbling
Field Trip: Sunset Lanes Bowling

Week 5: July 24 – 28
Perfect Pets
This “petacular” week includes doggy paddling across the pool, escaping the yarn maze, navigating the catwalk, and spinning in a giant inflatable hamster ball! Make your mark with colorful paw-print paintings and furry friend art projects. We’ll round off the week learning not only about our most common pets but pets that will shock and awe.

Features: Critter Cabana Visit, Face Painting
Field Trip: Mini Golf

WEEK 6: July 31 – August 4
Outstanding Ocean
Let’s take our submarine down to the depths of the ocean to discover underwater creatures and explore the beautiful coral reef. Dive into an assortment of water games and slip ‘n slide relays. Discover the diversity of the ocean as we play octopus tag, crab soccer, and predator/prey dodge ball.

Feature: Wet and Wild Water Games
Field Trip: OMSI Submarine Tour

Week 7: August 7 – 11
Amazing Arctic
Chill out in a frozen wonderland as we make our own snow, do some “ice” skating tricks, and feed snowflakes to the polar bears and seals. Build sugar-cube igloos, bowl for penguins, and cool down with delicious snow cones.

Feature:  Snow Cones
Field Trip: Sherwood Ice Arena

Week 8: August 14 – 18
Fantastic Forest
Burrow, scurry, and climb your way through the woods with pine-cone hockey, forest art projects, and wilderness survival strategies. Be champion of the awesome games and sports that await you this week!

Features: Wood Cookies, Audubon Society
Field Trip: Enchanted Forest

Week 9: August 21 – 25
Daring Desert
This is not a mirage; we will truly have a week of daring fun! Watch out for creatures slithering by as we brave the desert heat. Navigate through a series of challenges and games that are sure to bring out your sense of adventure. Bask in the sun while designing colorful crafts and creating sand sculptures before launching water balloons and cooling off in an oasis of buried treasure!

Features: Reptile Show, Water Balloon Challenges

Week 10: August 28 – September 1
Mighty & Mythical
Be a hero in this legendary week of training dragons and unicorns. Teams will design their own creatures and conquer an epic obstacle course. We will even learn magic tricks to help us in our expedition through mythical lands and claim victory across many challenges.
Feature: Magic Show
Field Trip: OMSI

Animal Kingdom Pass

Take advantage of our 2017 AnimalLand Animal Kingdom Pass, which allows campers to attend all 10 weeks for considerable savings. The Animal Kingdom Pass gives campers the flexibility to choose any
or all weeks of summer camp.

Additional Camps

Junior Lifeguard Camp

Week 4, Week 6
Ages 10 – 14 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Junior Lifeguard Camp is an enjoyable pre-certification program for young teens to learn how to handle themselves safely in a variety of water situations. They will enjoy working as part of a team as they tackle challenges and practice key maneuvers. This is a fun camp to spark interest in lifeguarding and improve personal water safety. It is not a lifeguard certification program.
Prerequisites: Your child must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle, tread water for one minute, and swim underwater for 10 feet.

Conditioning Swim Camp

Week 7
Ages 7 – 17 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
This is a competitive swim camp that will focus on improving swimmer conditioning. Swimmers will be taken through guided workouts with an emphasis on increasing endurance. Competitive swimmers looking to get or stay in shape in preparation for upcoming meet season should not miss this opportunity.

Performance Swim Camp 

Week 3
Ages 7 – 17 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
This competitive swim camp will focus on enhancing performance through technical improvements and mental discipline. Each swimmer will be evaluated and individually videotaped for analysis and improvement of strokes. One of the four strokes will be featured each day, with a day reserved for flip turns and the individual medley. Camp objectives also include promotion of self-esteem, focus, and sportsmanship that will last a lifetime. This camp is not a learn-to-swim program. Summer league swimmers who want stroke refinement as they head into their championship season should not miss this opportunity.

Prerequisites: Each participant must be able to complete 50 yards of continuous swimming in each of the four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Participants do not need to be registered USA swimmers to participate.

Group Swim Lessons for VillaSport Campers

Weeks 1, 3 – 10
Monday – Thursday only
8:15am – 8:40am
Campers can take advantage of swim lessons before camp begins. Campers will check into VillaKids at 8:00am and be escorted to and from swim lessons. Group lessons follow our Starfish Swimming curriculum, which emphasizes water safety and encourages skills development by providing effective awards of achievement as the junior swimmer advances his or her skills. Levels Red Frog through Stroke School are offered to campers.

Please remember that classes, programs, lessons, and events including summer camps and before and after care are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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