PT Plus

PT Plus

Add PT Plus to your membership and enjoy discounts on your individual 60-minute personal training (“PT”) sessions at VillaSport in Colorado Springs.

Starting and continuing your fitness journey with professional guidance and PT will help you achieve your desired results. Our team of Personal Trainers offers a variety of specialties, from general conditioning to high-intensity interval training. So, whether your goal is weight loss, strength gain, sports performance or improving your flexibility and mobility, we have the perfect match to help you succeed.

PT Plus Benefits

  • Receive 30% off each individual 60-minute PT session
  • Receive 30% off each individual 60-minute Pilates Reformer training session
  • Discount applies to all Fitness Advisor tier levels for individual 60-minute sessions
  • Pay as you go – no advance package purchase required

PT Plus Cost

$30 per month. This fee gives all members on your account (ages 9+) a 30% discount on individual 60-minute PT sessions.


PT Plus is a month-to-month option that may be added to your membership at any time.

  • New Members: Add PT Plus to your new membership at the time of enrollment
  • Current Members: Add PT Plus to your membership at any time online at My VillaSport, at home or at the club; visit the Concierge Desk for assistance
  • Remove PT Plus from your membership at any time
  • Exclusively for members of our Colorado Springs location
  • PT Plus dues will be pro-rated the first month


Existing Members:
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Exclusions: REACH program sessions and fitness packages are not eligible for further discounts via PT Plus. Members with a Platinum membership who also participate in PT Plus will not receive additional discounts on their PT Plus membership fee or individual 55-minute training sessions.