Kid Camps FAQs

Kid Camps FAQs

Which categories of workers are eligible to register their kids for camp?
Please click here for eligible worker categories.

How are you able to social distance in a childcare setting?
We will be following these guidelines:
● Classes will be limited to 12 kids maximum per group with the same kids and same provider in the same group each day.
● Groups will be in separate areas of the facility, such as staggered playground times and special activities like art and music.
● Carpet squares, mats, or other visuals will be used to help kids with spacing.
● Tables with name cards may also be used to adequately space kids.

Will my child have to wear a face covering or mask?
No. We do not require children 12 and under to wear a face covering or mask, but we will require of our employees.

Should I pack a lunch?
Yes, because we will not be providing snacks or lunches. Clean, disposable water cups will be provided, however, so please do not include a water bottle. Our childcare area remains nut and peanut free.

Can we bring personal items?
Yes, but please limit items to lunches, jackets/sweaters, and other essential items. All items must be labeled and kept in a separate bag. Toys, reusable water bottles and other non-essential items must remain at home until further notice.

Can I bring my own hand sanitizer?
Individual hand sanitizer is allowed if separately labeled. Sanitizing stations/wipes will be provided throughout the area, and kids will be washing their hands with soap and water frequently.

How will children be checked in and out?
All check-in/out will be conducted curbside in front of the club’s main entrance. Please follow signage and employee directions as you arrive, including remaining in your vehicle until an employee instructs otherwise.

Why can’t I enter the club?
As a social distancing measure, we are limiting direct contact and exposure to staff and other members.

What is your sick policy for kids?
Sick kids, regardless of the nature of the sickness, are not permitted at camp, including kids with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.

Are you doing temperature checks?
All parents are required to check their child’s temperature and monitor for other symptoms before camp each day.

What is your sick policy for employees?
Sick employees, regardless of the nature of the sickness, are not permitted to work, including employees with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.

How often do you clean?
Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting high-use items such as tables, chairs, handles, sinks, and restrooms, as well as shared toys, supplies, and equipment, after each use as often as possible and at the end of each day.

What chemicals do you use to clean?
We use a safe mixture of bleach and water that has been approved for use with SARS-CoV2, per state or local orders and guidance for daycare settings.