Turf Field

Turf Field

The turf field offers limitless space and options for workouts, all while soaking up the sun. Small group training classes offer a sense of community, challenge and motivation from our expert fitness team. Get the whole family outside with our programs that range all age groups!

Ages 9 - 14

Athletic Performance Improvement

This small group training class designed specifically for youth who want to improve their sport performance and get the most out of their workouts to optimize speed, quickness, strength, movement, athletic conditioning, mobility and stability. Sessions will provide appropriate intensity and training volumes while maintaining a focus on injury prevention and overall education for enhancing athletic performance.

Ages 13+

Lean and Tone
These workouts are designed to change the shape of your body with sessions designed to maximize not only the intensity of your workouts but also your ability to recover effectively. Make the most of your time with an effective, purposeful exercise program.

Strength Gain
Develop greater movement ability under heavier loads to perform daily tasks with greater efficiency and overall confidence. Experience strength gain that translates into your life whether at home, work or in competition.