Swim Team

Swim Team

VillaSport USA Competitive Swim Team

Our USA competitive swim team gives you the opportunity to further develop and challenge your skills and enjoy the rewards of a cohesive squad. Novice to advanced swimmers may compete and represent VillaSport in official USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets.

Monthly Dues Member / Non-Member
Snapper $95 / $124
Marlin $105 / $137
Barracuda $125 / $163
Flying Fish $140 / $182

USA Swimming Registration  $81

Non-Member Administrative Fees
payable at joining and annually on September 1
1st child | $138
2nd child | $110
3rd child | $82

Meet Fee  $10 per meet

Please contact the Head Swim Coach to register.

Safety Protocols


Practice Groups

We offer options to ensure the perfect fit for your skill level, and our low coach-to-swimmer ratios allow for personalized attention. Group placement and advancement is at the coach’s discretion and approval. Equipment needs vary by practice group. VillaSport team swim caps will be provided.

Swim Team Practice Groups | VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa Houston, TX

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