Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small-Group Training provides a personalized training experience in a fun and collegial setting. We're excited to offer a variety of new programs to help you reach your goals.  From fat burn to athletic performance improvement and low-impact body conditioning, choose your program and start today.

Flexible Pricing*
priced per person

1 Session - 25
4 Sessions - 80
12 Sessions - 216

*Our drop-in pricing allows you the flexibility to enjoy a variety of Small-Group Training classes. Purchase a single session or save with our 4- and 12-session packages. You may purchase sessions and reserve your spot in a class online or at the Fitness Advice Center or Concierge Desk. Click here to view package expiration dates.

Ages 13+ unless otherwise specified

Athletic Performance Improvement
Ages 9 - 15
Improve your sports performance and get the most out of your workouts. Optimize speed, quickness, strength, movement, athletic conditioning, mobility, and stability. Sessions provide appropriate intensity and training volumes while maintaining a focus on injury prevention and athletic performance.

Ages 16+
Whether you are training for life goals or enhanced athletic performance, this class is dedicated to the development of muscular and cardiovascular endurance, balance, power, coordination, and reaction time while exploring all planes of motion. Sessions become progressively challenging as you enhance your skills using an array of strength and conditioning tools, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, sleds, plyo boxes, speed, agility, quickness drills, and more.

Cardio Endurance
A challenging yet fun alternative to the cardio workouts you are used to. We will use different tools to challenge the heart rate and condition your body to improve endurance.

Enhanced Movement
Centered on overall movement ability, sessions incorporate core activation, balance, stability, strength training, and flexibility to improve performance, prevent injury, continue the rehabilitation process, or recapture range of motion. Our specialists in corrective exercise/post-injury/rehab use mindful and practical applications to design programs that build confidence and skills. Our integrated approach increases strength and energy, and improves quality of life.

Fat-Burn Boot Camp
Get your heart pumping with versatile workouts targeted for optimal fat burn -- from bodyweight drills, circuit training, HIIT, and more -- you’ll never experience the same class twice. Allow us to elevate your experience.

Lean + Tone
Change the shape of your body and make the most of your time with an effective, purposeful exercise program that utilizes training protocols to shed fat and build lean muscle. Get the benefits of muscle building and toning in a fun class where options are endless.

Pilates Reformer
Establish core stability, postural alignment, and reduce stress while you lengthen and strengthen your muscles in this low-impact, full-body workout. Springs, body weight, and everage on the reformer provide resistance as we guide you through flowing sequences. This dynamic form of Pilates improves muscle endurance, promotes coordination, toning, balance, and injury prevention, and is beneficial for all fitness levels.

Strengthen and Lengthen
Enjoy success in rehabilitation, prevention of injuries, posture improvement, recovery, and overall well-being. Learn to integrate proven techniques in your routine for immediate relief and lasting results.

Strength Gain
Develop greater movement ability under heavier loads to perform daily tasks with greater efficiency and overall confidence. Experience strength gain that translates to life.

TRX Mpact
Push yourself to new levels! While this class emphasizes development of functional strength and lean muscle mass, it includes a healthy dose of heart-pumping conditioning drills to reset your system and give you an extra challenge in each session.

Looking for fast and comprehensive results?  We continue to offer our popular group Pilates Reformer program for core strengthening, enhanced range of motion, and overall body composition improvement.

Small-Group Training Packages

Drop into any of your favorite Small Group Training classes with these convenient packages!

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Series Package Group

4 Sessions

Members Only
4 Sessions

12 Sessions

Members Only
12 Sessions

Small-Group Training

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