Find yourself crossing the Alps or simply tooling around the neighborhood in one of our many spin classes. Our Spin Studio features Keiser bikes with micro-adjusting handlebars and seat posts for a truly comfortable ride while you work out to inspiring tunes and vivid visuals.

Low-Impact Workout
Low-Impact Workout

Combines cardio, strength, balance and coordination for the beginner athlete in YOU! Fun yet challenging moves to increase fitness level.

Restorative Yoga

Slow-paced and prop-supported poses to relax you and relieve chronic stress, weakness, and fatigue.

gentle yoga
Gentle Yoga

Energetic and dynamic vinyasa flows to build internal heat and improve stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Aqua Athletics
Aqua Athletics

Experience the vigor of the water, using it as its own resistance. A gentle yet fun low-impact workout to increase your strength, range of motion and cardio fitness.

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