Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Enjoy additional discounts and exclusive benefits with a premium membership at VillaSport.

Platinum Membership Monthly Dues
Primary Adult: $160 / $155
Additional Adult: $93 / $90 
Child: $34 / $33 

Credit Card Dues / Bank Draft Dues


  • 10% discount off the regular member rates on club programs, services and merchandise*
  • One guest pass per month
  • Member access to all VillaSport clubs

Club locations include:

- Beaverton, Oregon
- Colorado Springs, Colorado
- Cypress, Texas  
- The Woodlands, Texas
- San Jose, California  (opening in 2018)

  • VillaSport Platinum athletic shirt for each adult member (ages 23+) on your membership account
  • VillaSport Platinum membership card for each member (ages 13+) on your membership account

 * Certain restrictions may apply