Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small-Group Training provides a personalized training experience in a fun and collegial setting. We're excited to offer a variety of new programs to help you reach your goals.  From fat burn to athletic performance improvement and low impact body conditioning, choose your program and start today.

Flexible Pricing*:
Single Class - 25
Series of 12 Classes - 216
Series of 24 Classes - 384

*Pay for drop-in classes, or purchase Series packages at the Fitness Advice Center or Concierge Desk.

Ages 13+ unless otherwise specified

Fat Burn
Experience higher caloric burn to lower and manage your body weight. These sessions will offer everything you need to challenge your body, stay consistent and gain knowledge specific to accomplishing your weight loss goal.   

Strength Gain
Develop greater movement ability under heavier loads to perform daily tasks with greater efficiency and overall confidence. Experience strength gain that translates into your life whether at home, work or in competition.

Lean and Tone
Change the shape of your body with sessions designed to maximize not only the intensity of your workouts but also your ability to recover effectively. Make the most of your time with an effective, purposeful exercise program.

Athletic Performance Improvement (Adults: Ages 15+)
Optimize the development of your speed, quickness, strength, movement and overall conditioning with a high focus on mobility and stability for overall injury prevention. Sessions will prepare you with high level expertise and guidance for any challenge life brings your way.

Athletic Performance Improvement (Youth: Ages 9-14)
Designed specifically for youth who want to improve their sport performance and get the most out of their workouts to optimize speed, quickness, strength, movement, athletic conditioning, mobility and stability. Sessions will provide appropriate intensity and training volumes while maintaining a focus on injury prevention and overall education for enhancing athletic performance.

Enhanced Movement
Enjoy guided sessions designed to enhance overall movement ability. Whether you are seeking pre/post rehabilitation or you simply desire to move with greater confidence on a daily basis our integrated approach will guide you to an increased range of motion and greater overall joint mobility promoting enhanced movement and quality of life.

Looking for fast and comprehensive results?  We continue to offer our popular group Pilates Reformer program for core strengthening, enhanced range of motion, and overall body composition improvement.

Small Group Training Series Package

Drop into any of your favorite Small Group Training classes with this convenient series package!

Small Group Training Packages

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12 Sessions

Members Only
12 Sessions

24 Sessions

Members Only
24 Sessions

Small Group Training

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