Mile Swim Club

Mile Swim Club

Coming 2022...

Join the VillaSport Mile Swim Club. Record your annual swim mileage on the tracking sheets provided. Reach a milestone and receive a prize and bragging rights. Check out the Mile Swim Club Leader board for our top lap swimmers!

A lap of kicking counts as a lap of swimming, so grab a kickboard and change it up a little bit! Use fins, paddles, and pull buoys during your workout to make your swim more interesting. Break up your workout into smaller ones and change your strokes as you go.

New participants are welcome to join the club anytime! 100-Mile Club T-Shirts are just 3,520 laps away! Everyone starts at ZERO in January!

Indoor Lap Pool, Outdoor Adult Lap Pool

Length = One end of the pool to the other (25 yards)
Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
1 mile = 1,760 yards = Approximately 72 lengths or 36 laps
Goal = 100 miles = 176,000 yards = 3,520 laps