Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer helps establish core stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion to lengthen and strengthen muscles. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes greater, resulting in visible improvements in muscle definition.


One-on-one or semi-private training with a certified Pilates Reformer instructor allows for immediate corrective feedback so you can take your practice to the next level.  

To schedule your personal training sessions, start by picking the perfect instructor!


Gain motivation from class participants as you progress in your fitness journey.

Three purchase options:
$25 per class
$276 for a series of 12 classes
$480 for a series of 24 classes

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On the day of class, you will be charged at the single-session rate or one session will be deducted from your pre-purchased multi-session package.

To reserve your spot, please call 719-433-7133 or stop by the Fitness Advice Center.

Pilates Reformer Series Package

Drop into any of your favorite Small-Group Pilates Reformer classes with this convenient series package!

Pilates Reformer Packages

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12 Sessions

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12 Sessions

24 Sessions

Members Only
24 Sessions