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FOCUSFreestyle and Backstroke
SAFETY SKILLAlways ask for permission before getting in the water, put on a life jacket while in the water and kick 30 feet.
WATER SKILLSwim freestyle 30 feet with body stretched out and in consistent form, swim 30 feet of triple-switch backstroke, swim backstroke 30 feet with straight-arm recovery, body roll, good arm and body extension.
AGES5 – 15 years


FOCUSButterfly and Breaststroke
SAFETY SKILLUse flotation to reach or throw to assist a swimmer and know when and how to call 911.
WATER SKILLSwim butterfly 4 strokes with only 1 breath, then remainder of pool freestyle, swim breaststroke 30 feet with good timing and extension
06/04/2024 06:30 PM
07:10 PM
Tue Stroke School $192.00 – Member $232.00 – Guest REGISTER
06/22/2024 12:30 PM
01:10 PM
Sat Stroke School $192.00 – Member $232.00 – Guest REGISTER



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Private Swim Lessons

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Stroke School

Stroke School is for the junior swimmer who has completed Green Shark or meets the skills requirement. Colorful rocker patches are awarded for each level of stroke achievement.

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Sea Animal Levels group according to your child’s swim ability. Junior swimmers enjoy an innovative curriculum based upon water and safety skill benchmarks and fun.


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